Here’s how you can embrace the design trend that interior designers in Bangalore are swearing by in 2018

Run, run, run! After doing that all day, it is no wonder we want our homes to be a sanctuary where we can just relax, be ourselves—wear those comfy over-sized pyjamas and put our hair up in a messy bun!

With lesser time, however, homes have started going the ‘minimalist’ way. The idea is less clutter = less chaos = less maintenance. But there are the rebels and the holdouts, those hoarding their bric-a-brac and collectables. Tell them that is clutter and they will regale you with stories of the adventures on which they acquired said ‘clutter’. These are the adventurous ‘Maximalists’.

Is less boring for you, do you revel in your possessions? Does each memento, artefact and piece of furniture remind you of an exciting chapter in your life? Then, my dear, you are a Maximalist, and there is no shame in admitting it.

And what better way to express your maximalist self than to use your home interiors as your canvas. Wait, wait, wait! Don’t take out those souvenirs out of the storage yet. Because there is danger ahead. You could go overboard, and the look could very quickly become messy and cluttered. So, we have put together a helpful guide on what you need to keep in mind when coming up with decoration ideas that embrace your inner Maximalist. Read on!

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Play with Colours

Make colour your best friend. Using vibrant colours are the easiest way to create a bold statement. Maximalism is all about drama and theatre and what better way to set the stage than with bold colours. So go ahead and mix navy blue with hot pink, pale aquamarine with bright orange, and even a deep emerald green with red or peacock blue accents. All brilliant combinations!

There is a time and place for holding back, but now’s not that time. Go forth with confidence! Don’t go over the top, though. Don’t allow the pendulum to swing to tacky. Strike a good balance. The colours should help accentuate your space best and set in place the rest of the elements of design and decor that you want to include. The beauty of high contrast is all about adding that burst of colour and creating your own eclectic style.

Add dollops of drama to your home decor

Now that you have set the background with lovely colours, move on to the important task of placing the right furniture, decor and artefacts in the right place and position. It is furniture and decor will help you add that much-needed drama. This is also the best way to highlight your uniqueness. What better way to showcase who you are than by displaying your highly prized possessions, from that beloved antique tea set gifted by your grandmother to the lovely porcelain figurines you have been collecting over the years.

Maximalist interior design

Now, coming to what you can add—think of that antique accent piece passed down generations in your family, that quirky artefact you bought on your travels, your prized complete set of Tintin books or those kitschy seaters made of sea-shells and coconut fibre. In short, this should be the piece that should make your guest’s jaw drop. Imagine a peacock blue accent wall arranged with rows upon rows of unique and intricate masks, ranging from the playful Venetian ones to the traditional carved Sri Lankan Raksha ones. Now that is one arresting look.

You can also use patterns in your floor and wall design for the right dose of dramatic flair. Go ahead and apply that bold geometric pattern on the floor and highlight it with a mural on the wall or draw inspiration from Downton Abbey and pick large furniture for a well-sized room with comfortable rugs and upholstery to create a palatial feel. Aztec or tribal prints and sub-styles such as tropical, baroque and bohemian lend themselves well to drama. Do keep in mind that the pieces need to fit snugly and not look like a confused mish mash.

If You Have It, Flaunt It

In this style, the more the merrier—showcase all the pieces that are close to your heart. But, ensure your memorabilia complements the rest of the furniture. So, pay close attention to the placement of the keepsake in relation to the furniture and also to the colours of your interiors. It is best to share with your interior decorator or architect the mementos you intend to highlight so they can help you create a colour scheme or even furniture layout keeping these items in mind. They can also help you customise storage solutions to accommodate all your treasures. For instance, you can get shelves, niches or display units added to your living room interiors to showcase your collectibles, from say books to your prized Ganesha collection.

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Mix and Match your home furniture and decor

You, as a maximalist, should rejoice in merging designs and colours, but do so while maintaining an overall cohesive balance that has a statement-making effect. Play with patterns, place together contrasting pieces of furniture—the key is to mix the patterns in such a way that you are creating something unique and beautiful at the same time. If you are opting for a dramatic piece of furniture, like say a heavily carved chest of drawers, then let the other pieces be simpler or even understated. If you have an ochre-coloured statement wall showcasing a large Tanjore painting, opt for subdued colours for the other walls of the room or contrast your plain wall with a checkered floor. Let there be stars, ably complemented by supporting cast, in the show that is your home.

There are always exceptions to rules and so you can combine two different and equally dramatic elements to make a room pop. Imagine a polka-dotted accent piece with a vertical lined wall opposite! Showcase your creativity and let the space emerge as bold and vibrant. Again, the key is balance with a dramatic flourish.

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Pro Tips

At the end of your home decorating spree, the home should not look like a museum. You can create a warm, cozy and inviting maximalist home by finding the right balance between over-decorating and elegance. If budget is a constraint, make use of existing pieces and use wall colours for that dramatic effect. Upcycle your old furniture and overhaul them with bright colours.

At the end of the day, it is your home, so let it reflect your personality and unique point-of-view. Give free rein to your creativity and imagination, go anti-trend with maximalism. Now you can go ahead and take those souvenirs out of storage!