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Modular kitchens are quickly eclipsing our grandmothers’ time-served cooking areas, infusing style, storage and sophistication into our culinary escapades.

Old-style Indian Style kitchens are reminiscent of grandmotherly cook-outs, familiar childhood aromas and loving homemade preparations. And yet, for all the memories they conjure and the comfort they bring, they lack just as equally in form and functionality. Gaping spaces, underutilised storage and abandoned corners are only some attributes of an old-style Indian cooking area, so it’s little wonder that modular Indian style kitchen designs have quickly ousted their time-served counterparts as urban India’s most preferred layout.

If you’re wondering what’s all the fuss surrounding modular kitchen designs, allow us to fill you in.

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The magic of modularity

The modular kitchen holds many merits. From providing space-optimised storage to working every corner into its layout, it’s a winner in aesthetics and ergonomics. If you’re still teetering between yay and nay, here are some advantages that should tip you over the edge.  

Clean, quick, convenient

While having your kitchen crafted by a carpenter may be the first thought that crosses your mind, consider the time and energy you’d have to invest watching your cooking area take shape (let alone the debris, dirt and dust). A modular kitchen, on the other hand, is manufactured and assembled by skilled experts in a factory and comes tailored to your space. And hey, without the paraphernalia of in-house carpentry, you can watch your kitchen be transformed in a jiffy.

Entirely customised

A modular kitchen, as the name suggests, is composed of modules, which, when pieced together, form a tailor-made layout that justifies every inch and corner. What’s cool is you can switch up your kitchen as and when your needs change by adding or removing modules and tweaking your space as you go along. Plus, with a range of utilities, styles and functions to choose from, there’s something for every budget.

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Aesthetic and ergonomic

There’s something about well-made modular units that gives off a sleek, sheeny vibe, lending your kitchen an avatar worthy of more than just a plain old’ cooking area. Whether you’re looking for wood-finish cabinets or colourful laminates, nifty Lazy Susans or suave magic corners, a modular kitchen can house a world of style and storage behind classy closed doors. Appliance planning is especially of note in modular kitchen interior designs, with considerations like heat dissipation being provisioned into the layout in advance.

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More storage in less space

It’s incredible how modular kitchen designs for small kitchens can do more with less space. From pull-out trolleys and corner turntables to retractable shelves and everything in between, modular features allow for big storage even in the teeniest, tiniest of spaces.

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Smart prioritisation of zones

Are you a connoisseur of cookies? Or a gourmand of granola? Or perhaps a champion of chips? No? Well, if you are any of these things, it’s likely you keep your treasures within easy reach for light snacking and midnight indulgences. But hey, if you can do it with munchies, why not with other utilities and essentials? A skillfully designed modular kitchen (by a specialised company) has you covered with planning and prioritising your layout.

An excellent example of this could be sectioning your kitchen into zones according to the frequency of use. Glassware used occasionally in one section, metal utensils used on the daily in another and so on. This way, you can reach for items quickly and conveniently when you’re in the midst of a cook-out, rather than rummaging through your wares with dough-caked hands (oh, haven’t we all been there?).

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The modular Indian style kitchen is becoming a fast favourite amongst urban Indians, marrying traditional Indian sensibilities (hello masala racks, bespoke atta containers and roll-out cutting boards) with modern finishes, sleek countertops and spiffy storage. Embracing an Indian style modular kitchen doesn’t mean you have to forego the familiar aromas of your childhood. Go on and stir up your grandmother’s heartwarming recipes in a setting that sings to you, with the magic of modularity  Designcafe is one of the best Indian style modular kitchens designer in Bangalore.

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