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Do you find yourself endlessly swooning over the swish homes of shelter magazines? Channel similar style into your home on a budget, with these stellar home interior design ideas.

If you’ve long harboured a dream of bringing shelter-magazine-glam into your home, but have been limited by the harsh reality of your bank balance, this one’s for you. With seamless finishes, perfectly symmetrical decor and sculptural flourishes, a magazine-worthy home carries hallmarks you can easily replicate on a budget. If you’re on the search for ideas, consider this your Design, 101.

  1. Employ sculptural lights

A room can earn a stylistic avatar with a sculptural luminaire, and you can achieve warm lighting and sterling aesthetics in one go. Look for a fixture with a large scale, characterful design and enough bulb holders to justify the size of your room. For example, if your room is compact, you may only need a fixture with three or fewer lights, whereas if you’re working with a larger layout, a chandelier with multiple arms can serve as an artistic accent that uniformly carpets your room in light.

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  1. Create a thoughtful vignette

Excavate old china, heirloom rugs, personal artwork and tchotchkes that have long held your heart, and curate them on your wall. Pick pieces that work together belong to the same aesthetic and colour scheme, and look intentional. A coordinated collection of accents can add life to a wall and give your space a gallery-esque finish.

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  1. Layer sumptuous rugs

How much thought do you give your rugs, or more specifically, their material? Some fabrics like shag and sheepskin are certain to inspire luxury in your home, so it’s worth evaluating the material palette of your rugs and give it an overhaul, if necessary. A luxe, fluffy rug outside your bathroom, for instance, can work a million times better than an equivalent kind in terrycloth.

  1. Bring in symmetry

Sigh, there’s something oh-so-dreamy about symmetry. The look of polished perfection, the sense of instant order, the calming vibes that sing to your brain (we’re innately wired to favour symmetry). Build a symmetrical scheme with window treatments, artwork, accents or anything else you want to give centre stage. When it comes to symmetry, anything goes!

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  1. Invite nature indoors

A darling indoor garden — it’s a classic stylist’s move. Creating a pocket garden by way of charming planters can add a whimsical, otherworldly touch to your home. Consider blending your planters into your home decor scheme to create a cohesive look that can be rotated with the seasons. Aloe vera, peace lilies, orchids, azaleas and snake plants are some beauties you can consider introducing.

  1. Perfect the gallery wall look

Conjuring a wall straight out of an art gallery isn’t a feat reserved for seasoned designers. Try your hand at creating a gallery wall yourself by choosing frames and matting in the same style. Leave uniform intervals between your frames to maintain a sense of consistency. And voila, you have an instant conversation starter.

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  1. Invite the world into your home

Thinking global can be a great way to create a rich tapestry of styles, designs and influences by way of souvenirs and accents in your home. Travel finds, rugs and handiwork can mesh wonderfully together, and can give your home a global, yet personal appeal. Just imagine a Moroccan carpet, a Turkish lamp, Egyptian stools and African sculptures sitting in the same shell! Oh, the wondrous possibilities.

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  1. Go for round mirrors

Round mirrors are all the rage today, and are guaranteed to add a voguish edge to your decor. Place a pair in your living room, bedroom or foyer to introduce a soft, organic look and enliven your space. Seek out designs online and get yours made locally at a fraction of the cost!

  1. Bring in wallpaper

Wallpaper is a recipe for instant pizzazz. For a top-end look, go for a muted, minimalist pattern that channels understated glam, and be sure to make quality and print a priority. Wallpaper your entire room, or go for a feature wall instead. Wallpaper comes in a range of prices nowadays, so you’re sure to find something that matches your budget.

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  1. Spiff up your headboard

Whoever said bed decor was limited to just bed linens obviously never had a headboard. If your headboard looks dull, dated or just plain tired, consider draping it with a fabric or design you may already own to revive its look.

It’s incredible how little it takes to take your home from meh to magazine-worthy. If you’re inspired by these ideas, take the plunge and give your home the makeover it deserves – and maximise your savings along the way!

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