Make an informed decision on how best to dress up the walls of your home.

You finally get possession of your dream home and what do you see—plain white or cream colour walls that the builder has provided. That is just not good enough for your cosy home, is it?

You must have seen hundreds of home designs online or seen the beautifully done up homes of your friends and families. In all these homes, chances are a gorgeous show wall would have caught your attention. It is likely to be a textured wall painted in a vibrant colour or one that is done up with an eye-catching wallpaper.

So, which is better—paint or wallpaper? It’s not easy to pick one product when a plethora of options are available in each type, and you could end up on the fence like Humpty Dumpty – confused! That’s where we, as a professional home interior design company, come in.

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The impact on the wallet

Cost is a major deciding factor; so let us consider it first. Both paint and wallpaper are available at a range of cost. But generally speaking, paint starts at a lower cost level and requires less skill and thereby, comes at lower labour costs. Wallpapering a wall demands a higher skill set and takes up more time.

On the other hand, paint might need a touch-up or even a fresh coat far sooner than a well-wallpapered wall, say as early as 5 years. Wallpaper can last over 15 years.

Though the paint is relatively cheaper, in the long run, the higher cost range of wallpaper could be justified. Do note; painting wallpaper can also peel off in patches if you have furniture or other design elements touching the wall.

Paint: 1 point; Wallpaper: 1 point

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Quick, fast, jaldi, jaldi!

This one is pretty straightforward. Paint takes up lesser time for application and demands a lower level of professional expertise. Unless there is damage to the wall, fresh coats of paint of a similar shade can be applied to the older one. So paint is an excellent choice if you intend to renovate shortly.

Wallpaper application is an elaborate process that requires higher professional expertise. A new layer of wallpaper cannot be applied on top of the existing one and stripping the old one, without damaging the wall, is again a skilled job.

Paint: 1 point; Wallpaper: 0 point

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Options and more options

Paint offers a lot of variety when it comes to shades. There is no colour in the spectrum that cannot be chosen, as you can mix and match and find the exact shade you have in mind. Marrying paint with a range of textures as well as finishes like glossy, matte and satin means there is no dearth in options.  

Wallpapers also come in a variety of finishes like vinyl, fabric and embossed and a rich range of prints – geometric, floral or royal paisley – just to name a few. The type of wallpaper should be chosen based on the larger home interiors design as well as the traffic in the room. For instance, children’s room should have a sturdier style like vinyl while fabric could go into the living or study rooms.

Paint: 1 point; Wallpaper: 1 point

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The glamorous choice

So, setting aside all the other practical factors, which one looks more glamorous – paint or wallpaper? It’s tough to choose one since both options look impressive if done well. However, unlike paint, you just cannot wallpaper the entire home in the same colours and design. But, wallpaper painting walls score just a tad higher in this point when used to create statement walls since it is a relatively newer product in India and hence good for making a dramatic style statement.

Paint: 1 point; Wallpaper: 2 points

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It is not an either-or choice. You could follow in the footsteps of many of our clients and opt to have both paint and wallpaper dress up different walls. A good interior designer will show you how both can be used to create maximum elegance and glamour. Finally, it is about what catches your eye and fancy.