Create space out of thin air in your cosy home with these interior design tips.

Living in a small apartment à la Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw can many times feel like navigating a minefield! Many of us even have a set route to ensure we do not bump into furniture—get out of the sofa, walk behind that specific dining chair and you can access the kitchen—or we have to make compromises like not leaving the wardrobe door and the bedroom door open at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be this way, no sir!

Large lives can be lived in small apartments if you have the right Fairy Godmother, aka your interior designer. With the right interior design touches, flourishes and choices you can create space almost literally out of thin air in an itsy bitsy teeny weenie home.

Here we give you a glimpse into the possibilities by listing out just some of the space-saving design ideas small house interior design ideas:

  1. Big is beautiful– A common mistake people make in small spaces is to opt for multiple smaller sized pieces of furniture, thinking a large piece of furniture will overwhelm the space. Not true. It is better to have, say, one propah sofa rather than 5 chairs.
  2. Transformers– Transformable ready-made or custom built furniture will go a long way into creating space. Sofa beds, extendable and adjustable height tables, coffee tables that store chairs or stools, study tables that transform into bunk beds—everything is possible with today’s design innovations. Many advances have been made in modular furniture that allow you to change furniture combinations according to need.
  3. Free up floor space – Similarly fold-out furniture like beds that can be folded back into an alcove in the wall, or a small dining table that is concealed behind a closed wall shelf, or a folding wall mounted writing table frees up valuable floor space when these furnitures are not being used These are the best small living room ideas.

    Living family room
  4. Create space – More the space you create with the furniture or installation you add to your interiors the betters. For instance, a custom bench with concealed storage for your dining table is a space saver or adding storage drawers to a dining table to stock cutlery.  If you can do bigger installation projects then adding bay or bow windows that project the window out will also create more space as the ledge can be converted into a seating space with cushions. Of course, check with your interior designer if your home’s construction can support such structural changes.
  5. Divide and conquer – Use partitions wisely. While partitions with open shelves to display knick knacks have become popular, many don’t realise how versatile this piece of installation is. In a studio that has no real division between living and sleeping spaces, you can get your interior designer to customise a wardrobe that acts as a partition between these spaces. The other side of the wardrobe can be a TV unit or you can add concealed or fold out writing tables or dining tables!simple bedroom decorating ideas 1
  6. Go vertical – People forget all the real estate offered by walls. Instead of having a display cabinet, place as many shelves as possible on your walls. You could arrange them in interesting shapes, like steps, to create a great look. These make for great storage. In the kitchen, if you have a full free wall, build a floor-to-ceiling covered pantry interior design for bedroom 1
  7. Behind closed doors– Another space many overlooks is the back of doors. At most, we add hooks to hang towels or clothes. But so much more can be done. Install metal storage racks, or add hanging clear plastic organiser sheets and use these to store everything from spices and pantry items to shoes, handbags or toiletries depending on the door and room.home décor 1
  8. Go mezzanine – If you have a studio or your bedroom is just too small, who not create space by building a mezzanine floor in your room that covers only part of the room. This works only if the ceiling is high. You can place your bed on the mezzanine floor and create a workspace underneath, or place the bed on the lower level and create a cosy reading space on living room ideas These are just a handful of design ideas. The possibilities are endless. Just talk to your interior designer, or go ahead, pick up the phone and give us a call!