Small spaces can not only be immensely liveable but also score high on aesthetic value

Tiny homes, right now, are interior design’s little black dress — oh so fashionable and, when designed right, oh so functional.

You chose to go small maybe because you didn’t want to spend too much, or you are single or have a small family. You could also build a more greener way of life in a small home. But a small home has to pull more than its weight, or rather carpet space when it comes to looks and livability. Home owners are increasingly approaching interior design companies in Bangalore like Design Café looking for quality designs for small living room ideas

And every day we hear their worries—will we have to throw out our knick-knacks, will we have to scale down the wardrobes, will it look cramped? The answer always is an emphatic no! With smart design choices where function meets looks you can create a small home that fulfils all your needs.

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Be the woman with the plan

Make a list of what your essential requirements are in a home—if the knick-knacks are a priority keep them, but do chuck the stuff that is going to lie unused. Do you frequently work from home? Then plan for a work table. At this stage you could also plan with your interior designer on how to increase the green quotient of your home by making choices like using natural or recycled materials, getting energy efficient appliances and opting for larger windows to ensure more sunlight. This way you could create a lower carbon footprint without blowing up your budget. Once you understand your own needs, you can work on an efficient layout.

Everybody loves rainbows

Colours help bring out character in a home. Dark shades make small spaces look smaller and gloomy. But this doesn’t mean you have to opt for boring whites and creams. Pastel shades with a splash of vibrant blue on walls, furniture or fixtures enliven a space. If all the walls of a room are taken up by wardrobes and windows, worry not. Think out of the box and get the ceiling painted with a bright shade or mural!

interior design ideas for small house

Look! It’s a sofa! No, it’s a bed! It’s both!

The key to making a small home look larger is avoiding clutter. The smart home owner is now eschewing excessiveness for function, opting for furniture that is not just fashionable but can also be tucked away once its work is done or can be transformed into other forms, interior design for small house—an ironing board that fits into a wall niche, a sofa that transforms into a bed, tables that can be folded into a four-seater or pulled out to seat six.

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A storeroom in every room

Make furniture with hidden storage your new BFF. From beds and coffee tables with drawers to a bookshelf that acts as a partition between living and dining areas, smart design can conjure plenty of storage in a small apartment. An upcycled old trunk in a corner can store magazines while impressing visitors with its vintage charm. Add a cushion on top and you have additional seating space.

Maximize room ideas

Home is where art is

Small spaces are will feel cramped if huge vases or statuettes take up floor space. Instead, think vertical. Potted plants on open shelves, paintings or even a quirky wall art piece will add oodles of charm to your home interior design without encroaching on living space. Subtlety is the key. Accent pieces, like throw pillows in bright silk covers or a small rug in a contrast shade can dress up a room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror in a decorative frame in the foyer or full-length mirrors on wardrobes creates an illusion of space. Make one wall the pièce de résistance of your home by finishing it off with an eye-catching textured wallpaper in a bright colour, like yellow, and dressing it up with a large mirror with an engraved frame. French windows and glass partitions also help open up small house interior design ideas.


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So, without much ado, start planning on making your small home a cosy and comfortable sanctuary that welcomes you at the end of a tiring day.