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Struggling with colour inspiration for your kitchen? Go on and turn up the heat with these hot and trending colour schemes.

If the thought of relegating yourself to a pitiful cookout has you yelping with terror (and swiftly hopping on your phone and ordering a meal), ask yourself whether your kitchen has something to do with your staunch anti-culinary stance. Do your walls cave in on you? Or your ceiling hang too low? Or perhaps the boring plain white of your walls conjures a picture of silent, permanent hibernation. Yes? If you nodded your head to any of the above, it’s time you gave your kitchen and your spirits a lift with a little colour therapy and best colour for the kitchen.

Use these palettes as inspiration to conjure a happy, hearty cooking area that has you coming back for more.

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Monochrome is a timeless contemporary palette that seldom disappoints. From ash grey and pewter to shark skin and charcoal, grey spans a spectrum of shades and temperatures. Pick a warmer grey for an upbeat vibe or a cooler one for a laid-back aesthetic. If you’re looking to turn your kitchen into a monochromatic masterpiece, be sure to layer tones, tints and textures to add in some visual variety. A medley of greys by way of cabinetry, countertops, fixtures and furniture can lend depth, drama and definition to your cooking space.

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White & gold

If there’s one thing that spells style and sophistication, it’s white and golds the best colour combination for the kitchen. Gilded accents against a clean white backdrop can conjure a picture of silent-movie-era glam and romantic, old-world charm. Some options to go for include marble countertops, ivory-toned backsplashes, pure white window frames and daisy ceramic sinks, paired with gilded hardware, accents and fixtures. Don’t be afraid to pick shades of white with coloured undertones. The palest blue or green can inject personality into your space while still giving off a heavenly white vibe.

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Vermillion & yellow

Crank up the sizzle in your kitchen with hot colours that echo your culinary adventures. Deep red and golden yellow are a match made in heaven and can look delectable as your dominant colour scheme. Consider adding red by way of furniture and fixtures. A scarlet dining table or dining chairs, or a crimson backsplash or cabinets can make a welcome cocoon for infusions of warm yellow. After putting your red base in place, go ahead and add in yellow accents via light fixtures and accessories. Your yellow elements will serve as a healing antidote to the intoxicating effect of red, effectively curing your shell.

Charcoal & yellow timber

As the yin and yang of the colour world, there’s something mystical about charcoal and yellow. As polar opposites, consider highlighting the duality of your colour scheme with contrasting finishes. Glossy, yellow-toned woodwork against a matte, black wall or backsplash can be a treat for the eyes, crafting an eclectic picture of sunshine and storm clouds. Sandwich your cornucopia of colour between a white floor and white ceiling, to highlight your kitchen design by muting its periphery.

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Aqua & lime

Feel like your kitchen interior design needs a refreshing, energising punch? Breathe life into it with aqua and lime. Colours of nature can enliven a modern kitchen, infusing freshness and lightness into your space. Also, being analogous, blue and green is a combination that’s hard to beat. That said, make sure to go easy with colour to avoid jarring your aesthetic. Highlight your aqua and lime elements by composing the bulk of your kitchen with ‘invisible’ materials like wood, steel and concrete.

Teal, timber and daisy

Create your ocean-inspired escape with a shell of teal, timber and daisy. Teal and white can be refreshing shades for your kitchen, perfect for keeping you inspired and invigorated through a laborious cookout at day’s end. Timber can lend earthy warmth and softness to the crisp coolness of teal and white, rounding off your space without interfering with your dominant colour scheme.

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If you’re constantly struggling with inspiration for your kitchen, there’s no better way to amp up your cooking area than with some delicious servings of colour. Look forward to more than just a great meal with these mood-lifting colour palettes and modular kitchen colours, sure to win your heart and warm your belly.