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Turn your old-style kitchen into a swish, modular haven without breaking the bank.

Exposed spaces, bare walls and creaking shelves stuffed with pots, pans, pressure cookers and more – a day in the life of an ordinary, old-style Indian kitchen. What to do, c’est la vie!

Considering the kitchen is the heart of every home – an intimate space reserved for indulgent cookouts and intimate conversations – it seems rather unfair that it be relegated to dysfunctional storage and dreadful style. While it’s true that old-style layouts have stood the test of time for generations together, you have to admit they rank frightfully low on form and function (yes?). If you’ve been contemplating a modular kitchen but have held off at the thought of parting with your precious pennies, take heart in knowing you can still go for gold – with the glam finishes, swish storage, spiffy functionality and sleek modularity – without shelling out the big bucks. Here’s how to give your kitchen the whole shebang – on a budget.

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Bookmark stand-out modular kitchen designs

Scour the web for modular kitchen designs that speak to you. At this stage, it doesn’t matter whether the layouts match yours, or if the designs are even viable. You can always refine the finer details when you get a professional on board. For now, let your imagination run wild.

Choose a custom-design firm

If you have an unspoken loyalty programme with your carpenter, perhaps it’s time to look at the bigger picture. When you go with a carpenter, you’re bound to incur unpredicted expenses along the way. Plus, because everything is built from scratch, you’re paying double – for labour and material – a surefire way to burn a hefty hole in your wallet. When it comes to designing a modular kitchen on a budget, picking the right firm to deliver your dream cooking area should be your golden first step. A firm specialised in custom-made modular spaces and armed with an in-house manufacturing facility can tailor your kitchen to an affordable style or design, while taking the onus of executing and delivering your project in a functional and hassle-free way. Plus, with easy-breezy prices (thanks to economies of scale), regular digitised updates, a stringent delivery schedule, personalised design experience and after-sales service to tide you over, you’ll thank yourself for all the saved time and added convenience. Once you’re done picking your firm, you can finally start putting your look together.

Pick cost-effective, luxurious-looking materials  

Channel easy chic with economical materials

Play it smart by picking cost-effective, yet luxe-looking materials. Balance cost-effectiveness and quality to drive your cost down. For example, aluminium (over stainless steel) is always a budget-friendly bet for kitchen accessories and fittings. Likewise, fibreboard (over plywood) for drawers, limestone or slate (over marble or granite) for countertops and laminate or membrane (over solid wood) for shutters are great, cost-effective choices. Choose materials that fit your budget, your needs and your decor.

Get the wood look with a wood alternative

Wood can breathe richness, sophistication and oh-so-subtle luxury into a kitchen, transforming a vanilla shell into a harbour of understated elegance. And yet, if you’re a connoisseur of all things wood, you’ll find it costs a pretty little fortune – not something you should have to fork out when you’ve got so many other expenses to consider. Luckily, the decor gods have blessed wood alternatives with just as much warmth and character as their original counterparts – and crafted them at a fraction of the cost. So, whether you want an earthy wood-clad floor (hello, laminates) or deep-toned, wood-finish cabinets (high-density fibreboard all the way), you’ll find options galore.

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Give your floor a glam avatar

Turn your floor into a high-end design statement with showstopping wood laminates or tiles. Laminates are economical and eco-friendly and give the impression of a gorgeous and seamless solid wood floor. Slate tiles are also a good choice for kitchens, thanks to their shine, smoothness and anti-slip properties. Other economical materials you can consider are stone, vinyl and linoleum.

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Upgrade your sinks and faucets

Little upgrades can equal big style. Turn your sinks into shining stars with head-turning designs and faucets. Fittings and hardware can completely transform your aesthetic while costing you little, so it’s worth putting your money on stylish designs.

A modular kitchen can be your gateway to the ergonomic arrangement, space maximisation and boundless style. From clever cabinetry to extended counter space, hidden storage to maximised corners, you’ll find a plethora of benefits – all quietly cocooned in a classy, characterful shell. It’s amazing what a little modular facelift can do for your cooking area. Go on, turn your kitchen from drab to fab by giving it a makeover to remember.