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Does your modular kitchen heave with extra storage, ill-planned layouts and limited counter space? Here are some solutions.

Whether it’s for rustling up an insta-breakfast on early weekday mornings, putting together an elaborate menu for guests or whipping up an indulgent weekend treat, the kitchen always delivers. And yet, as integral as it is to any home, functional inconsistencies can hamper its flow and function. If your kitchen workflow has long been a cause for complaint, take matters into your own hands with these amazing function-maximising ideas.

  1. Create a chalkboard wall

From kitchen menus and little notes to shopping and to-do lists, there’s always something to be written in the kitchen, and your phone isn’t always the best answer (hello, doughy fingers). A chalkboard wall can be golden to a kitchen, giving your cooking area an air reminiscent of a charming Parisian street-side cafe.

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  1. Cultivate a herb garden

What better way to maintain your herb inventory than to grow herbs yourself? Fresh herbs can add flavour and heart to your cooking, and cultivating them can be a rewarding hobby. Also, this way, you needn’t scuttle off to the store every time you’re in need of a herb or spice. Make your herb garden an aesthetic highlight of your kitchen with pretty pots and planters.

  1. Maintain a masala rack

If you’re used to storing your masala packets in a collective airtight container, it might be time for a functional overhaul. Showcase your masalas in darling little jars with labels. There are plenty of masala rack designs available online – from rotating devices to individual holders – so you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from. By giving each masala a container to call home, you can make your cookouts a whole lot easier, and your kitchen, a whole lot prettier.

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  1. Make your storage ergonomic

Do you keep your storage where you really need it? If you’re perennially scouting for ingredients, pots and pans as your oil is browning on a medium heat, it’s likely your storage isn’t in the best shape. Rely on ergonomic principles to enhance the functionality of your modern kitchen design by keeping oft-used items closest to your kitchen centre, and spreading the rest outwards. Employ devices to optimise your storage, such as vertical drawers, retractable rods, door-lined hooks and magnetic pegboards.

  1. Craft a cupboard pantry

If you’ve long yearned for a room dedicated to food storage, consider the next best alternative  – a cupboard pantry. Station it close to your cooktop, to make reaching for tins, boxes and packets an easy feat.

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  1. Store appliances under the cabinets

If your kitchen has modular cabinets, put them to good use by using the surfaces underneath to host aerial appliances. Install a can opener, a bottle opener, safety scissors and other diminutive devices to free up counter space. Additionally, place larger appliances like your washing machine under your counter to create a sense of streamlined definition.

  1. Install a secondary sink

Two sinks are a practical choice if you’re always running out of sink space. Reserve one for dirty dishes and the other for cooking. By compartmentalising your sinks, you can maintain optimum hygiene in the cooking area.

  1. Opt for open shelving & glass facades

Open shelving is a stellar way to highlight your wares, and generate instant recall. If you’re not comfortable with the concept of an open display, consider going for glass-front cupboards that give you a view on the inside.

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The key to adding functionality to any kitchen is prioritising storage. By ordering your storage into categories, from most to least used, you can make your cooking area easier to navigate and take your culinary chamber to a whole new level.

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