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Adding luxury to your home doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. These 5 steps are proof.

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and conjure a luxurious wonderland? It turns out, adding doses of glam to your home may be easier – on you, and your bank account – than you think.

Use these 5 simple steps to take your home to luxury heaven.

Step 1. Minimise your aesthetic

Luxury is rooted in simplicity. No, really. Think about it. Often, the most luxurious spaces stand out for their simplified, dignified aesthetic. Decluttering your home is a good place to start if you’re planning a luxurious overhaul. Clear your home of unsightly, space-swallowing furniture and accessories. If it doesn’t add value, bid it farewell. Follow a purposeful less-is-more approach and focus your energies on crafting design flourishes that deliver a statement. An opulent floor lamp, a gilded clock or an ornate mirror can work wonders in breathing majesty into your home. Once you’ve handpicked the decor pieces you’d like to keep, give them a place where they can shine. The fewer elements you have, the greater the impact you’ll make.

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Step 2. Go for elegant window treatments

Decking your windows with sumptuous, head-turning fabrics can instantly turn your room into a picture of indulgence. Swap out your cut-price curtains with luxe alternatives, and consider opting for lighter shades. Dark drapes can cast a shadow of gloom over your room, whereas lighter colours can filter in the sunshine and lend luminosity. If possible, have your curtains tailored to the height of your windows to ensure they fall all the way to the floor without leaving an ugly margin at the bottom. Go beyond just stylish curtains by sourcing spiffy curtain rods that elevate your aesthetic. Think of your window treatments as marvellous masterpieces and choose materials and designs that channel extravagance, texture and detail.

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Step 3. Craft a lighting scheme

Do you know that golden, glorious air of a five-star hotel? Much of it has to do with the lighting. It’s true. Multilayered lighting can magic a plain room into a spellbinding shell of luxury, in moments. Weave your lighting scheme by including elements at each level. Consider acquiring statement chandeliers for your living and dining areas, and perhaps enhancing your aesthetic with soft, mid-level lighting sources like ornamental table lamps. Wall sconces and fixtures can provide a warm interlude to your lighting scheme and lights at various levels can envelop your room in an uplifting aura. With a plethora of brands and product lines to choose from, you can satiate your style-loving soul with bold, unexpected designs that show your room in a whole new avatar.

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Step 4. Display some fresh flowers

Lush floral decor is a guaranteed way to add class, freshness and opulence to your home, and revive a forgotten era of 70s glam that’ll always be in vogue. A fresh-cut flower arrangement is synonymous with a swish, high-end luxury, capable of permeating the senses with its elegant visual appeal and captivating aroma. Invest in gorgeous vases and baskets and fill them with enchanting blossoms and greens. If you’re wary of overspending on fresh flowers, buy artificial ones that can serve you year-round. Or keep plants that require little or no maintenance. Succulents, ferns, peace lilies and aloe vera all thrive in India’s tropical climate and are worth considering for your home.

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Step 5. Layer fabrics

A cosy throw draped across your sofa, decadent linens sheathed over your bed, a shag rug warming your floor; layered fabrics can effortlessly dress your home in understated luxury. Layering can help infuse personality into a room, without making it look over-the-top. It can lend heart and comfort and eliminate the unyielding hardness of your floor, walls and surfaces.

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If you’ve always aspired to luxurious home interiors but have been under the impression that you’d have to fork out a fortune, these steps could happily prove you wrong. Attain luxury nirvana with these 5 amazingly affordable design ideas.

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