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Inviting India into your home doesn’t have to mean trad designs, old-world antiques and time-served furniture. With contemporary Indian decor, it’s easy to give your home a desi twist in a new-age avatar.

If you’re all about chic, contemporary decor, yet also harbour a love for old-world Indian design, you’ll be pleased to know that with a little imagination, you can give your home the best of both worlds. With Indian decor having undergone a spiffy metamorphosis in recent years, it’s easy to find styles and designs that meld with a contemporary aesthetic with home decor ideas in India.

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Breaking down the Indo-chic style

With Indo-chic, think easy-breezy design, modish desi motifs and indigenous minimalist fabrics. Indo-chic is a marriage of edgy ethnic design and casual minimalist style. Crossover wallpaper, block-print cushion covers, vibrant Chanderi curtains, wooden jali (traditional lattice screen) partitions and petite brass idols are some the home decor ideas on a budget option that you can include to exude a true-blue east-meets-west vibe.

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If you are adding ethnic elements to a contemporary setting, take care to handpick pieces that are pared-back and restrained, to echo your room’s character.

Here are some interior design ideas you can use to turn your home into an Indo-chic paradise.

  1. Bring in the rainbow

Indian style has long been rooted in warm colour and vibrant patterns. Colours like mustard, saffron and vermilion are synonymous with the Indian landscape and can give a classic desi spin to any room. Paint your walls in one of these shades, or infuse them into your room through scatter pillows, rugs, curtains or painted furniture (upgrade an old piece with a striking shade of red, orange or yellow). For curtains and pillowcases, choose light and airy fabrics to go with your decor.

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  1. Opt for native wooden furniture

India boasts a plethora of indigenous woods including rosewood, bamboo, mahogany, teak wood and sheesham wood, each of which can lend rustic charm to your home by way of statement furniture. When it comes to placing ethnic furniture in a contemporary space, it’s important not to go overboard. Restrict your decor to one or two handcrafted pieces like a jali screen or a traditional jhoola (swing), to avoid causing a clash between decor styles. Pick pieces with clean cuts, straight edges and defined lines. Opulent scrollwork and engraving, conversely, may look odd in a modern space characterised by minimal detailing. Also, being low-maintenance, wooden furniture will serve you well in both design and durability.

  1. Go low with baithak-style seating

Baithak-style seating is an ancient floor seating tradition inspired by the opulent old-world havelis (traditional courtyard houses) and palaces of Rajasthan. The arrangement is a breeze to recreate. All you need are a couple of mattresses, a lovely Rajasthani bed cover and a few cushions. And voila, you have your little royal retreat. Go ahead and team your desi seating with contemporary floor seating options like ottomans and pouffes to bring in a little fusion.

  1. Pick trad fabrics

India’s fabric repertoire is famed for its rich variety. From Chanderi and Bandhani to Dabu and Kalamkari, there’s a world of handloom prints you can choose from for curtains and bed sheets for home decor ideas for living room. And if you’re not one for prints, experiment with fabrics to give an Indian edge to your home. Cotton, khadi, silk and chiffon are some options.

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  1. Hang timeless artwork

Give your home the air of an Indian art museum with replicas of famous artists. From Rabindranath Tagore and Raja Ravi Verma to more recent maestros like S. H. Raza and M. F. Hussain, scour for Indian paintings that match your home’s palette and aesthetic. Another great way to introduce artwork in your home is to reimagine the centuries-old portraiture style made famous by royal families. Have one made of your family to infuse a royal flair into your space?

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Giving your home an Indian flourish can be a great way of honouring your roots and making your home a reflection of you. If you’ve been putting your ethnic design makeover on hold, this guide should have you covered with ample inspiration to get started. Go on and give your home an Indo-chic facelift with these timeless interior design ideas.