Everything You Need to Know About 2018’s Hottest Home Interior Trend.

With this trend, awaken the wild child inside—everyone has one just that the degree varies.
A particularly interesting trend for it serves as a means of portraying one’s personality in a
blatant way, as if there would be any better way than being blatant.

As the name suggests, this trend calls to adding a dynamic element of colour to your home.
What that means is you use special reflective material to complement or rule your décor that
provides an array of colours at different viewing angles.
Iridescence is all about playing with light and colours. Imagine a sleek, shiny wall in your
living room that changes from shiny pearl white to bright pink and to purple in colour
depending on where you stand or a pendant lamp with a similar design finish for your dining
room or the walls of your bathroom covered with iridescent mosaic tiles. The main appeal is
the other-worldly feel this gives off to your home adding a dash of glamour in the process
that’s bound to speak for itself.

How to play with iridescence in your home interiors?

Anything in your home can be made iridescent—from walls, using cladding material or
wallpaper with a sheen, to furniture, light fittings to tiles and even dinnerware made of
rainbow-tinged acrylics or holographic ombre glass. Before you think this to be preposterous,
you might want to speak to an interior designer  whom we’re sure will happily induct you into
the vibrant world of electroplated accessories and jewel-toned tiles, décor that have already
made a spectrum of themselves (pun intended) in many homes across India.
With some convincing, we have clients who now love the layered air of fantasticism and
warmth the iridescent decor we’d done for them with the latest Home interior trends.

If you still are unable to wrap your mind around flashy colours, think Avatar, the movie. Ever
asked yourself why you loved it and why it induced a feeling of grandeur? Rich colours and a
whole lotta iridescence, baby.
Now picture inducing a toned down version of Avatar into your home—bright yet warm,
changing yet in tune with the surrounding; loud, if needed, or subdued, however you like it.

How you can make your home interiors iridescent.

2018 Latest Interior designs 2018 Latest Interior designs

Home interior trends

Home interiors

As mentioned earlier, any part of your home can be made iridescent.

  •              A single statement-piece in the living room or an iridescent chandelier in the foyer can help you be on point without going over-the-top. Line the wall nearest to the chandelier with a series of simple glass vases of different sizes to add to the look.
  •              Speaking of walls, use iridescent wallpaper and transform your walls to accent walls in your foyer or study for that pop of colour.
  •              Don’t forget the lights! Jewel-toned pendant lamps can be used for your dining space. You can complement this with iridescent dinnerware or you can go more subtle with just glasses, spoons and forks with a holograph effect  with Modern interior designs.
  •              Who says function cannot meet fashion in the house? Use iridescent mosaic tiles as backsplash in your kitchen and add an element of glam to the otherwise usually bland functional area of your home. An iridescent glass-topped coffee table paired with a white leather sofa can effortlessly add that extra oomph in the living area just to name a few.
  •              If you’re a free-spirit flower child who feels this pseudo-futuristic look won’t suit you? Think again. Flaunt your Bohemian personality with iridescent beaded curtains or knick knacks that offer a glow to the room’s aura, instead.
  •              Go big with your accessories. Wall hangings or décor with an iridescent surface—this could be a large mirror with a frame made of multi-coloured glass tiles or wall decals with the same effect.
  •              If you don’t want to go the whole hog, you can use iridescent handles or knobs on your doors and wardrobes to subtly include this trend.

Modern interior designs


The choice of how many of these elements you want to include in your home décor is yours. If you prefer only hints of iridescence then go for the subtle look like door handles or use cushions with a multi-hued shimmer.

But, if you want to add a vibrant and noticeable sheen to a room, opt for tiles or wall paper in this trend and have it complemented with decorative furniture. You can even have it invade your bathroom with tiles and mirrors of luminous surfaces; just make sure the sanitary ware doesn’t compete for attention lest your relaxing showers after a hectic workday proves an aneurysm-inducing burst of colour than a gleaming touch of colour that lifts your mood.



Get economical and DIY it

If you do not want to change the overall décor or would rather not splurge much to incorporate this design, the following ideas might come in handy:

  •               Revive your old things. Remember those no-longer-used CD’s that you’d cherished in college? Dust them out and craft a wall hanging to accessorise. Repurpose old things with iridescent elements; the handmade appeal of it will impress.

2018 Latest Interior designs

  •              Wear and tear tends to get the best of our tchotchkes and accessories but fret not, give it an iridescent makeover the best way you see fit for a renewed look with a sparkle. For example, beautifully reflective oyster shells on a picture frame, pieces of iridescent tiles on a coffee table (your local carpenter can do this for you), holographic paint on a vase and the like.
  •              Get iridescent glass or metal beads of different sizes and place them in a beautiful glass bowl on your coffee table. The list goes on…find your own ways to sneak in this trend into your décor with barely any added expense.


Quick note:

It is best to use this trend for accents and highlights. We suggest you not have more than a couple of iridescent elements in the room. Iridescence works well with minimalism, with colourful décor pieces providing relief from the blandness of the rest of the interiors—sleek, clean and modern furniture like leather, glass, chrome and metal work well with this trend.


The contrast that the whimsical element of iridescent décor poses to predominantly serious adult living makes this a cathartic outlet for many. The lightheartedness of it all makes it a means of inducing a playfulness, mischief even within the home, driven mainly by the understanding that rarely does vibrant colour not bring a child-like smile on one’s face. So the question is would you like to bring ‘play’ back into your home, making its other-worldly experience your own?