The Design Café “customer happiness approach” is unique in an industry filled with firms who are focused on cross-selling and up-selling.

A swipe left or a swipe right might help you find the right date, but finding the right interior design partner is a much more involved process! You are, after all, entrusting your nest into the hands of almost-strangers and trusting them to create an abode that will nurture you and your family for years to come.

This is something that we at Design Café are extremely mindful of. We know a home is among the biggest investments a person can make and do up the interiors is many times a once-in-a-lifetime process. Design Café is run by experienced designers, and in our decades of collective experience, we also saw intimately what other firms, both traditional and new-age, are doing right and wrong, One of the famous interior designers in Bangalore. We took to the drawing board to create from scratch a design process that keeps you the homeowner and our client at the heart of the process—our “customer happiness approach” to interior design.

Throw the catalogue out

Unlike many design firms that have a set catalogue, especially of furniture and décor, we do not work basis a catalogue. There is no inventory sitting in warehouses that need to be sold. So there is no pressure on you to, or on our designers to make you, pick and choose a particular design or product from a catalogue. There are, of course, styles, designs, material samples and looks that you can check out in our Bengaluru Experience Centres on MG Road and Whitefield to get inspired.

design cafe interiorsInside the Design Cafe Experience Centre

By doing away with a catalogue, we have also freed up our interior designers. They can create and customise designs from scratch and do not have to force fit a pre-created design into your home. This also means that you can go for bold and hatke styles in your home if that is what you want with our residential interior designer. 

A transparent technology-led design partnership

We follow a consultative and collaborative approach to interior design, where we come on board as partners. In your first meeting, you interact with a designer at our Experience Centres, where we get all the details, from the budget and floor plans to the style you prefer. At this first meeting, we will give you a sense of the design we can come up with along with an approximation of the cost using our proprietary software that considers variables like materials and floor sizes to give you real-time costing.

The next meeting sees us presenting a detailed proposal, with specifics on the design, plans, materials to be used and costs. If you decide to sign on at this stage, you need to pay just 5% of the order value. A quick aside on the pricing—we are transparent about pricing and payment schedules, even clearly mentioning on the website the percentages and stages of payment, ensuring there is no ambiguity. You are then paired with your interior designer, who uses this opportunity to get an even better understanding of what you expect.

Modern interior designs 1Our in-house team then shares a 3D or Virtual Reality model of your home interiors. You can not only see what your home interiors will look like, but also try out different materials and colours virtually to arrive at the final look of your home.

Home interior design through VR tech

A 3D rendering of a room interior design

Your very own happiness manager

Once you sign off on the design, our factory kick starts production. You are also assigned your Happiness Manager, who updates you on how the work is progressing at least twice a week. A WhatsApp group can also be created where you, the designer, the happiness manager and project manager can quickly sort out any doubts or issues. Depending on the client’s requirement, budget and interests the designer will also help pick up other décor items or art pieces directly by accompanying you on store visits or through recommendations. The installation happens in 90 days, with every part of the installation handled by us, so you do not have to worry about managing contractors or fitters.

There, your brand new home designed to your specific needs is ready. But we don’t want part ways just yet. You are assigned a Client Relationship Manager who will be in touch with you post the handover to ensure everything is working well and help you with any after sales service.

There you have it—our simple but effective process where design and customer are front and centre.

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