I’ve carried a love for adventure since childhood. An avid biker, the feeling of wind in my hair, riding through new places and finding myself during the journey—this gives me an adrenaline rush like no other.

But somewhere along the way, over the years, I lost this sense of excitement. That is until I decided to do up my home! Redesigning my home helped me reconnect with my adventurous inner self. Now each room in my home is inspired by my spirit of adventure. During different times of the day I find refuge in different parts of my home, each space designed by Design Café with thought and care towards its functionality and my personality.

My home, my personality

living room interior

My day begins in my peppy, upbeat and bright bedroom. It showcases my one true love–bikes. The matte black solidness of my bike is mirrored in the rustic black tiles of my bedroom wall. A big nook in my wardrobe is set aside especially for my biking clothes and other accessories.


Photographs on the walls carry memories of my trips to Leh-Ladakh and a wire rack for my books looks just like the one on my bike. I wake up every day to metal racks, vestiges of green that I see on my daily rides and words to inspire my love for adventure.

Home interiors high on design and functionality

Personalised Interior design


Interiors for adventure lovers

I like to begin my day with a bicycle ride. A good night’s sleep is essential to get the most out of the three hours I spend on my bicycle. I wake up fresh and early thanks to my ergonomically designed Scandinavian bed—light in structure, sleek and solid, made of metal with a pine headboard. It is so light and airy that it gives me the same feeling as that of zipping on my bike. The side table is in a similar Scandinavian style, highlighted in wood texture with a white and yellow laminate. A modern, futuristic metal table lamp completes the look of solidness and strength of my bedroom interiors. I wake up and pick out my workout clothes from the carefully arranged wooden wardrobe, grab my pre-exercise food fix in the little compartment tucked away in my cupboard and run out to begin my ride. These style is for  interiors for adventure lovers

garage interior

I wish I could describe in words what the adrenaline rush that I get as I start off on my three-hour bicycle ride means to me. This rush begins right from the moment I walk into the garage. The rough brick walls and wooden accents that my garage features makes me want to spend more time here. The garage is functionally efficient too, with my gloves, helmet and riding gear having their own cabinets and cupboards. The bike, which is my pride, has her own little home in the garage, complete with lighting, colourful posters and more.

The Modern interior designs  features are so closely linked to my personality, be it the wooden solidness of my garage or the leather of my couch and the rusticity of my walls, that they remind me of how far I have come.

When I am riding against the wind, with the air rushing past my ears and the blood pounding in my veins, I am reminded of how small yet powerful I am.

Interior design that works for me

kitchen interior

Three hours of cycling—though sometimes it feels like minutes—leaves me hungry, yet raring to begin the day. My mother and my gorgeous modular kitchen—a mix of Italian and South Indian—are my cooking inspirations. When I got the kitchen interiors designed, I wanted the open hanging shelves to store my mother’s lovingly packed large glass pickle jars. There are so many varieties, but picking them from the hanging shelves is easy.

While the kitchen has a beautiful wood laminate with a rustic ceramic wall tile facade, the sleekness hides storage that is high on utility. The cabinets, for instance, can store even the large utensils used for making pizza bases, while the long pullouts are ideal for storing oil bottles and jars. There is even a separate compartment for steel thalis. Sometimes I write out my ma’s recipes on the chalkboard backsplash. At other times I find myself staring lovingly at the brass utensils, which originally belonged to her, while I am sitting on my metal swing. I am sure it is clear that the interiors of my kitchen is a direct link and a reminder of my ma’s cooking.

Today, I make my special Tamilian breakfast of hot idlis and some spicy sambhar and chutney. And as I pick up my thali from the cabinet, ladle out the chutney and the sambhar into the brass bowls, and finally spoon them into my mouth, I am reminded of my childhood home.

Breakfast is done, I start prepping for my Continental lunch, something I’ve been craving for a while. Once the veggies are chopped and put together, I discard the waste into my conveniently placed under-cabinet storage bin from where I can pick it up for composting later.

living room design

Then onwards to my home office. Working from home has its perks. The most important of them is my home office, which has been inspired by nature. Chic, understated with plenty of storage and shelves, my work table is minimalist. While the interiors are in my favourite monochrome, I have added a splash of bright green to liven up the space. The family photos give me a sense of warmth, so do the quirky desk lamp and the small cactus pot. When I am here, I don’t know how time passes by—something very surprising considering I am working!

Lunchtime and I am back in the kitchen where the cut veggies are quickly air-fried. They are ready in minutes and I can devour them right there in the kitchen or out in my relaxing balcony, where I retreat to on many days with my bowl of food.

Interiors that place a premium on relaxation

Living room design

balcony interior

My balcony is more than a place to rest. Here I can lie in my cane hanging chair watching the world go by in the morning, nap in the sitting nook at noon or entertain friends in the evening. It’s amazing how this spot has gradually become my safe haven. Sometimes I may even pick a book and sit near the window, enjoying the pleasure of having nature inside and out.

The day’s work is done and much has been accomplished. I feel like I can take a well-earned break.

living room interior design

My living room, with its cosy sofa, TV set on a rustic-textured wall and the ‘lettered’ wall and rug, is a hang out zone for my friends and me. Unsurprisingly, this is where we are this evening too—people with common interests, surrounding a well-stocked mini bar, under some subtle ceiling lights, with a great movie playing on the TV. We’re all ready to make the evening memorable with the personalised Interior design.

The day has been fun and productive, the evening has been even better. At the end of the day, all I look forward to is snuggling under my cozy blanket in my warm, large bed and drifting off to sleep knowing that tomorrow will again be a beautiful and eventful day. That’s the positive vibe I get every single day in my home with its fresh interior design that reflects my life and style and always gives me a boost.