Modern Living room with blue colour sofa

Does your home carry a dated, oldfangled look? Give it a modish makeover with these design ideas.

If your property isn’t among the crop of shining new urban constructions, it’s likely your design and decor are characterised by time-worn style and conventional layouts. Modernising your aesthetic can lend an à la mode edge to your trad property, and you’ll find the final outcome well worth the effort. Here’s a bunch of our top picks to get your home from old to gold.

  1. Pick the right paint finish and colour

Older properties often heave with marks and imperfections on their walls and ceilings. And while these can add to their time-served charm, highlighting them with the wrong kind of paint can pull your aesthetic down. Steer clear of gloss finishes, as the sheen will end up highlighting structural imperfections. Instead, choose a matte-finish primer and a muted wall palette – like cream, eggshell or ivory – that holds your walls back and disguises blemishes. If you must have colour, introduce it in pops with accents and features like rugs, curtains and throws.

Modern Living room with colourful sofa

  1. Revamp your decor

So what if your home is old? Your structural shell doesn’t have to dictate what you place inside it. Switch up your decor with contemporary rugs, hardwood panelling and swish tiled flooring. Natural wood flooring, like parquet or planks, is also a fabulous choice if you’re going for a rich, classic-cum-contemporary look. Shiny wooden floors can be a nod to your home’s roots, yet exude an elegant, modern quality.

  1. Create openness

Most old-style Indian homes are boxed up and broken down into compartments, a far cry from the modern trend of open-plan layouts. If you crave lightness and airiness in your home, and if your budget allows it, consider merging spaces to create a sense of fluidity and seamlessness. If your dining room and living room are partitioned, for instance, break down the dividing wall to form an extended living-cum-dining space. Or if your kitchen is cloistered into a limited area by a wall, consider pulling it into the rest of your home. You can conjure oodles of contemporary appeal just by eliminating walls. Who knew it was that simple?

Living room interior ideas with classic sofa 2

  1. Glam up your window treatments

Your windows can add oomph to a dull room, so it’s a good idea to give your window decor special attention. Pick statement curtains, shades or drapes that complement the shape and style of your windows. This will help give your room a modern feel while accentuating your trad window design. Conversely, if you have misfit windows you’d rather conceal, go for a full wall of charming drapery that masquerades as a head-turning tapestry while filtering light indoors. Curtains and drapes can add softness to your room and enhance its ambience and character.

  1. Opt for floating shelves

There’s no doubt, the more minimal you go, the more impact you can make. Simple decor pieces like floating shelves can add stylistic layers to an old home. If you have cabinets and cupboards that wear down your home’s look, go for a modern upgrade with floating shelves. Oozing easy-breezy vibes, these little pieces of magic can breathe effortless style into your home decor, and give your collectibles, books and keepsakes a permanent place to call home.

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  1. Mix it up

If you’re worried about having to part with your treasured, time-served decor pieces for spiffier, more stylish alternatives, take heart. You’ll be surprised at how well period decor can fit into a modern home, creating a novel look that straddles vintage and voguish. Embrace your grandfather’s rocking chair, your heirloom coffee table and characterful, hand-me-down accents, in as equal a spirit as your contemporary decor elements. By conjuring a potpourri of styles, you can celebrate your home’s heritage while still pointing it towards a modern aesthetic.

  1. Finish with accessories

It’s amazing how accessories can complete a home, warming your space and rounding off your aesthetic. And yet, dated items can make your home feel old and starved of style. Upgrade basic accents like pillows, curtains, artwork and fabrics with modern alternatives. You can do this on a budget by retaining shells and replacing contents. For example, you can use your old picture frames to hold updated artwork and buy new pillow covers for existing inserts you may own.

living room designs 4

Refreshing your home with new style doesn’t have to be a back-breaking effort. And if you’re pressed for time, or on a limited budget, stagger your makeover over several phases, introducing changes gradually. The more thought you put into it, the more thoughtful your decor will be. Go on, start from here.

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