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Wish you could magic your bathroom into a sprawling paradise? Here are some ways to do it.

Who doesn’t dream of owning a bathroom reminiscent of a palatial retreat – one decked with a decadent bathtub, sheeny sinks and luxe sheepskin rugs? Well, while it may not be possible to outfit your bathroom with the fittings of your dreams, you can certainly make it look double its size by employing a few clever optical techniques. Here’s a spotlight on some ways to make your bathroom feel bigger.

  1. Embrace the wonder of white

A white palette is a foolproof way to conjure an airy, spacious and luminous look in your bathroom. If you’re worried about white starving your bathroom of character, don’t be. Opt for tile, paint and counters in varying textures and shades of white (think cream, beige, grey and eggshell) to create layers that bring about visual variety. These will complement your existing white fixtures, like your toilet and sink, and serve in creating a cohesive bathroom decor scheme. By marrying a variety of textural elements like moulding, ceramics, tile and paint, with warmer materials like metals, stone and wood, you can infuse warmth and richness, and cut through the monotony of white.

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  1. Go for a floating vanity

A floating vanity can be a blessing for a bijou bathroom, especially one with an equal need for smart storage and breathable space. This solution provides ample room for storing essentials, while visually opening up your bathroom by offering glimmers of the wall beyond.

  1. Channel minimalism

Bright colours, cluttered counters and floor-length vanities can jar your aesthetic, shrinking your room and encroaching on floor and mid-level space. Consider ways to minimise elements in your bathroom – a compact vanity, tidy counters, muted colours and streamlined finishes can go a long way in maximising negative space and making your space seem roomier.

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  1. Look in the mirror

Literally. Pay attention to the style, shape and size of your mirror. A large design can make your bathroom look twice as large, and pull your room outwards – a wonderful boon if your room heaves with limited space. Of course, consider the costs too. A large mirror comes at a premium, but it may be worth your money when you consider the aesthetic benefits. Pick a design with a decorative frame, or stretch your mirror along your entire wall to create spa-inspired vibes. With a gorgeous mirror as your hero piece, you can relax the rest of your decor. This technique can make for an arresting design statement in bathrooms and powder rooms with slim walls.

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  1. Opt for a glass partition

Stained, limp curtains can drag your bathroom down. Avoid the pitfalls of ugly curtains by employing a glass shower panel or door instead. This way, you can promote visual fluidity between your bathing and sink areas, ensuring a seamless, connected look. For added privacy, consider frosted or tinted glass that allows light to filter through, while still offering you welcome seclusion.

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  1. Amp up your lighting

Whoever thought bathroom lighting could make such a big difference? Well, the truth is, bad lighting can spell doom for your bathroom, minimising corners and casting an air of gloom. Rich, ambient lighting can make your bathroom look and feel bigger, so it’s a good idea to evaluate lighting options that can mesh with your aesthetic. If you can, consider multiple light sources across your walls and ceiling to create layers of light.

  1. Elongate with lines

Lines are beautiful tools that can help create an illusion of exaggerated length. Pick a hero wall for your bathroom and use it as a canvas for a long shelf, a sequence of tiles or a slim towel rail. By emphasising horizontal elements, you can draw eyeballs across your bathroom to offer a perception of breath.

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Consider these bathroom design ideas your ticket to decor magic. With a little optical illusion, you can conjure a sprawling bathroom in your limited space. Who knew it was that easy?

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