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Give your bedroom a serious makeover with these easy-breezy weekend decorating ideas.

Bare walls, forgettable decor, minimal texture – it’s easy to succumb to the blahness of a boring bedroom. And yet, if you’ve accepted your bedroom interior design as an unshakeable reality, perhaps it’s time to rethink your bedroom style – with ideas that will take you just a weekend. Go on and say hello to these budget-friendly, simple, easy room decor yet sophisticated insta-decor ideas bedroom decoration.

  1. Hang up a tapestry

A tapestry can give your wall oodles of personality, instantly transforming your room into a characterful shell. There are myriad designs available online and in home decor stores, so, whether you’re an eclectic colour-fiend or a lover of pastels, you’ll have plenty of designs to choose from. Hang one behind your bed as a headboard or drape it over a bare wall as a head-turning design statement.

  1. Add eye-popping accents

It’s incredible how even a few extra accents can load colour and character into a room. Layout a cheerful rug, hang sculptural wall art, put up statement drapes, give old furniture a fresh lick of paint, cover exposed surfaces with pretty contact paper or embrace vibrant lamps.

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  1. Throw in some scatter pillows

Artfully arranged to scatter pillows can add layers of softness and sensuality, and lend textural variety to your bedroom. Plus, they are a great way of splashing a plain vanilla shell with cheery pops of colour. Play your pillows to your decor scheme; pick light colours for an open and airy look, or go full-throttle with colour for a bolder, brighter aesthetic.

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  1. Go luxe for less

Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. So, you can comfortably give your bedroom a luxury hotel-esque appeal without burning a hole in your pocket. Some surefire ways? Transform your bed into an opulent harbour by investing in sumptuous bed linens, ideally with a thread count above 350. These don’t have to cost a fortune if you channel your inner bargain hunter and keep an eye out for sales, discounts and offers. Another great way of going luxe is by replacing the lampshades in your bedroom. Most lamps and lights come with basic lampshades, and investing in little upgrades can spell high-end magic (you can give your old lampshade a swish DIY makeover if you’re up for it – think tassels, crystals and ribbons). Additionally, consider aromatherapy to craft an air of spa-inspired indulgence. Load aroma diffusers with indulgent scents (these can be expensive, so look for discounted deals). Or go for budget alternatives like scented candles, homemade potpourri or incense sticks, which are more economical and easier to find. Giving your bedroom all the hallmarks of a hotel room can conjure a regal ambience at a fraction of the cost with a simple bedroom design.

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  1. Hang up a whisper-thin canopy

A floaty gossamer canopy is a perfect way to turn your bedroom into a dreamy, light-kissed wonderland. And you can pair one with just about any aesthetic – contemporary or classic, dark or light, multitone or monotone. The best part? Installing it is a simple DIY exercise (or you can call in your trusty carpenter) – buy a ready-made ring canopy and suspend it over your bed to create a gauzy halo.

  1. Create a storybook wall

If your bedroom lacks a feature wall, there are more than a few ways to give it one. Consider creating a storybook wall by tearing outworn pages from old books and laying them across your wall like a piece-by-piece wallpaper. Use a water-based sealer to secure your pages onto your wall, or, if you’re afraid of committing to a permanent feature wall, use reusable adhesive strips to adhere your sheets. This way, you always have the option of taking your masterpiece down.

  1. …Or dress your wall with paint or embellishments

Whether you have a modern bedroom design or a more traditional aesthetic, thoughtful wall decor is a surefire way to lift your look. Consider transforming your walls with temporary wallpaper or decals (choose among florals, stripes, polka dots or bold solids) – a weekend-worthy project as fun as it is fabulous! Or if you’re up for paint, call in a few friends and turn your weekend into a group DIY paint-a-thon. There are various finishes and stencils you could experiment with, and it’s worthwhile watching a DIY design tutorial before whipping out your paintbrush.

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Your bedroom is your sanctum, your respite from the world; and so it’s only fair that it gets to be dressed to the nines. An aesthetically pleasing bedroom – with a conducive layout,  calming colours and visually stimulating elements – can help you relax, soothe you into blissful slumber and envelop you in familiar comfort on long, tiring work days. When it comes to your bedroom design, it doesn’t take a lot to breathe style and sophistication into your walls. By reserving your weekends for easy DIY decor upgrades, you can give your bedroom a personal, artistic flair and make it a perfect reflection of you.