The first impression is the best impression – make sure your living room is making the right statement with these awesome ideas

There is a grain of truth in every cliché and nothing could be truer than the saying ‘home is where the heart is’. After all, home is the one place where we spend the maximum time with our nearest and dearest and it should, therefore, spell comfort. But if we are honest, we would also love it if our guests are blown away by how stunning the abode looks.

Who doesn’t need an ego boost and what better boost than making that snooty aunt look around at your home interior design with admiration! From this point of view, especially, the living room design becomes all-important because this space is the nucleus of the social gatherings you curate at home. It is here that you need to make a lasting impression with modern interior design styles.

The Living Room with the ‘wow’ Foyer

It used to be the most neglected part of the living room, but now the foyer is finally getting its day in the sun. This is after all the first space in your home that a guest sees. A well-done foyer should complement the living room, but need not match it completely. This tiny space has loads of scope for creativity, beyond just housing a shoe rack. Treat this space as your mini design or art gallery best home design, grouping elements like vibrant wallpapers, pendant lights, a gilded mirror or vase to create a foyer that will make a guest’s jaw drop.

interior designs style 1

The Living Room that plays with texture and materials

Evolution of interior design materials has ensured that now walls and ceilings become works of art with textured finishes. With materials like PVC, acrylic and veneer, you can give a marble finish on a statement wall or cover it with wood-like panelling creating textures that make the room look stunning and unique. False ceilings with wood beading and translucent acrylic finished off with concealed lighting add a further touch of grandeur. Or create a glass-finish ceiling and choose chrome and leather futuristic pieces of furniture to make your room look like a piece of art.

Modern Living room with brown sofa

The Living Room that is not afraid to be colourful

Colourful and textured wallpapers are in and so are designer paint jobs that add pops of colour and sheen to the room. Here again, you can opt to create a statement wall, maybe one that features a large wood-finish TV unit, with bright colours or wallpaper. You could also get peelable wall decals that bring colour and style to your home but leave no traces on the walls when you remove them for a new modern design house. Contrast colours – say a chair or vase in pink or lime green in a room that is done up in subtle cream or grey is sure to impress your guests.

Living room interior ideas with classic sofa

The Living Room that is warm and bright

Take maximum advantage of the sunlight that streams into your living room to make it warm and cheerful. If your living room gets less ventilation, light coloured upholstery, and sheer drapes can be used to supplement natural lighting. Smart light fittings that can be dimmed and brightened according to mood and setting is also a great way to impress your guests. The focus should be on ideal placement of lights in such a way that they complement natural sunlight, ensuring the room is well lit but saving on energy at the same time.

Living family room 1

The Living Room personalised to your personality

Living rooms that look like they have been copied from a design magazine lack the human touch. Shouldn’t your living room show off a bit of your personality? A bookworm can line a wall with a bookshelf or have a stand-alone bookshelf acting as a partition from the dining area. Art aficionados can showcase their favourite artworks. Or cover a wall with photo frames in various shapes and sizes of your family or of the various places you have travelled to make your living room intimate. You can also personalise your living room with accent pieces that will catch your guests’ eye and make for an excellent conversation starter as well.

Living room designs with yellow colour sofa

The Living Room where the furniture talks

Sometimes we can’t change the fixed elements in a room. Fret not; you can do a lot with furniture and furnishings. An L shaped couch can free up space in a small living room while floral prints and rounded designs can create a cosy atmosphere. Pair it with a coffee table that is just a bit hatke, and you are all set to have friends over!

living room lighting

Hope these tips propel you on a design journey to create the perfect living room that will impress your guests. Happy designing!