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Need tips to zero in on the perfect bathroom vanity? Look no further.

If you’ve landed here, congratulations! You’re either on your way to doing up a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one. Cheers to you!

A huge part of kitting out a bathroom lies in choosing the accessories – the shower enclosure, the fixtures and fittings, the lights, the finishes, the counters, the tiles. And of course, the vanity. A spanking bathroom vanity can refresh your bathroom with a new style and spirit. At the outset, remember, it’s a good idea to have your vanity custom-made to the size of your sink. So, before you get going, call in a trusty custom design firm or carpenter to help you breathe life into your vision. Here are some rules to help you get started.

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  1. Size matters

When choosing a vanity style, first consider the size of your bathroom. If your bathing chamber is blessed with space, you can look at an array of options, but if space is at a premium, you might want to look at space-maximizing styles that do more with less. Once you have the measurements of your under-sink area, discuss your options with your designer or carpenter. Consider your height, depth and width, and whether you’d like a freestanding or wall-mounted design (the latter can minimize trapped dirt and make cleaning easier). Also, pay heed to the fact that you’ll want a mirror to go above your vanity, so anything too tall may jar your aesthetic.

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  1. Placement is gold

A delightful vanity can look dreadful if your placement is off, even by an inch. So, make positioning a priority. First, zero in on your style. Whether you’re going the freestanding or wall-mounted route, try picturing your design in your bathroom’s decor scheme. A wall-mounted design in a sprawling bathroom, for example, may look underwhelming, and a freestanding design in a bijou one may take up too much room. Ask your designer or carpenter for their opinion to help you make a decision.

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  1. The sink is your North Star

Don’t let your bathroom ‘sink’ under the weight of a lousy basin. Your sink and vanity go hand in hand, so it’s worth getting a sink that becomes the star of your show. One rule of thumb when it comes to sinks – know what kind of vanity you want first. Your vanity style, your counter space and your overall bathroom aesthetic should govern your sink-buying decision. So, whether you go for an under-mount or a table-top basin, or even twin sinks, let your decision be driven by your vanity – ahem, the bathroom kind.

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  1. Customisation is cool

In India, customising a vanity is a breeze if you have a design firm or carpenter on hand. And choosing a design that becomes the centrepiece of your bathroom is half your design battle won. Consider your shape, material, finish and hardware in terms of both form and function.

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  1. Matchmaking, ahoy

Once you’ve finalised your bathroom vanity, get mirrors, hardware and cabinets to match. Coordinating your fixtures and accessories can pave the way for a cohesive look. Here, attention to detail can go a long way. A perfectly sized faucet, for example, can blend into your basin backdrop and prevent spills on your counter. Likewise, towel rails and rings that match the finish of your vanity hardware can spell classic elegance.

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A well-planned bathroom is composed of several star ingredients, and the vanity undoubtedly dominates the bathroom decor leaderboard. If you’ve always wondered about how to design your vanity to take the lead in your bathroom, take heart in knowing it’s easier than you think. With these five rules, go ahead and turn your vanity into your bathroom’s crowning glory.

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