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Tired of being squeezed between the counter and the cooktop in your kitchen? Open up your cooking area with these smart solutions.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a prison sentence to culinary drudgery. No, siree. With some creative inspiration, you can pack more into your cooking space than you can imagine, and spin your kitchen into a bijou epicurean kingdom. Here are 5 golden rules you cannot do without.

Rule 1. Serve up some neutrals

Light loves light. A neutral palette can lend a luminous aura to your kitchen, turning it into a light-kissed oasis. Light colours can also work wonders in giving your space a seamless look by blurring corners and camouflaging joints.

Design recipe:

Go for muted laminates and restrained wall paint to breathe lightness into your cooking area. And if your soul craves a little variety, pick vibrant embellishments like quirky hardware, whimsical blinds, ornamental tiles or decorative chalkboards.

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Rule 2. Spice up your cabinets

Look at cabinets as more than just functional storage units. Explore how you can use them to visually expand your kitchen and extend your line of sight.

Design recipe:

Go for high cabinets that draw the eyes upwards, creating a sense of exaggerated elevation. Not only do you get more storage this way, but you also avoid robbing your kitchen of mid-level wall space. Also, consider using glass to create depth and add visible inches to your cooking area.

Rule 3. Add modular garnishes

When space is at a premium, modular kitchen designs can serve as little blessings in storage and space optimisation, ensuring that every little bit of your modular kitchen – from front to back, and side to side – works equally hard.

Design recipe:

Make the most of every inch of wall and counter space with Lazy Susans, magic corners, wire baskets, pull-out pantries and retractable trolleys, and put dead corners to good use by turning them into storage docks for electrical appliances.

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Rule 4. Season with airy, open spaces

A small kitchen is bound to heave with activity, given the space constraints and limited capacity. Eliminating boundaries and walls then is a clever way to marry your kitchen into the rest of your home and open it out to more space. Employ large windows to filter sunshine into your kitchen and make it a light and airy retreat. Oodles of daylight can make a small space sparkle and illuminate obscure surfaces and corners

Design recipe:

Make your outward-facing kitchen counter pull double-duty by using it as a cooking surface and a delightful breakfast bar. Invest in some trusty bar stools to offer up additional seating for easy conversations on lazy Sunday mornings. Consider installing large kitchen windows to maximise natural daylight. Tailor your window treatments to equally encourage sunlight and shield you from excessive heat.

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Rule 5. Dish up a golden triangle

The quintessential golden triangle of kitchen design pertains to having the cooktop, refrigerator and sink arranged in a triangular layout. The layout has long been coveted as a space-optimising design strategy, allowing enhanced function and flow.

Design recipe:

If your kitchen has two adjacent walls to offer, place two of your elements along one wall, and the third along the other. If you have a long, parallel kitchen, however, a single-wall arrangement may be the only way to go. If you are forced to forego the golden triangle, align all your elements along one wall to channel negative space towards the centre of your room.

It doesn’t take much to turn a small kitchen into an inviting cooking area. With these 5 design rules, go ahead and serve up a storm – teeming with form and flavour.

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